Red grape extract with resveratrol, OPCs and anthocyanins made from French grapes.
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Grape Seed Extract is a safe antioxidant agent with anti-inflammatory property

Grape Seed Extract is a safe antioxidant agent with anti-inflammatory property
May 8, 2020 polyphine
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Mast cells and pro-inflammatory cytokines roles in assessment of grape seeds extract anti-inflammatory activity in rat model of carrageenan-induced paw edema



Reactive oxygen species (ROS)-produced oxidative disorders were involved at the pathophysiology of many inflammatory processes via the generation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and antioxidant defense system suppression. Although herbal antioxidants as mono-therapy relief many inflammatory diseases including, autoimmunity rheumatoid arthritis, but as combination therapy with other proven anti-inflammatory drugs in order to decreasing their toxic impacts has not yet been studied clearly, especially against chemical substances that’s induced local inflammation with characteristic edema.

Materials and Methods:

Grape seeds extract (GSE) at a concentration of 40 mg/kg B. wt alone or in combination with indomethacin (Indo.) at a dose of 5 mg/Kg B. wt orally given for 10 days prior (gps VI, VII, VIII) or as a single dose after edema induction (gps IX, X, XI) in rat’s left hind paw by sub-planter single injection of 0.1 carrageenan: saline solution (1%) (gp. V) to assess the prophylactic and therapeutic anti-inflammatory activities of both through the estimation of selective inflammatory mediators and oxidative damage-related biomarkers as well as tissue mast cell scoring. Furthermore, both substances were given alone (gps II, III, IV) for their blood, liver and kidney safety evaluation comparing with negative control rats (gp. I) which kept without medication.


A marked reduction on the inflammatory mediators, edema volume and oxidative byproducts in edema bearing rats’ prophylactic and treated with grape seeds extract and indomethacin was observed. Indomethacin found to induce some toxicological impacts which minimized when administered together with GSE.


GSE is a safe antioxidant agent with anti-inflammatory property.

Iran J Basic Med Sci. 2018 Jan; 21(1): 97–107.

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